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The Maldives Water Villa

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The Maldives Water Villa marks the first release in my LEGO® Maldives Collection, promising an immersive journey into this tropical paradise.


Enjoy seamless access to the interiors as the upper floors and roof sections effortlessly detach, while the buildings themselves can be lifted off the base for standalone display.


Following the Water Villa, anticipate the future unveiling of the Maldives Dive Centre, Maldives Beach Villa, and the Maldives Bar, each offering its unique slice of Maldivian charm.

Dive into the immersive world of the Maldives below with digital renders and physical model photography of the Maldives Water Villa, both showcasing tantalizing lighting kit possibilities.


The Maldives Water Villa 

Since our honeymoon in the Maldives in 2007, I've been inspired to create a dreamy water villa set. Thanks to the Bricklink® Designer Program, I finally have the chance to turn this dream into a reality – a LEGO® set that could be yours to own! But I need your help to make it happen.


Over the past two years, designing LEGO® sets has become more than a hobby for me; it's been a cornerstone for staying on top of my mental health challenges.  The creative process, the focus required, and the joy of seeing my designs come to life have been incredibly therapeutic.

Now, with your support and vote on the Bricklink® website, you're not just helping to potentially bring this LEGO® design to market – you're also supporting me on a deeply personal journey of healing and growth.


Signing up takes just a few simple steps, and those small actions could mean the world to me, as well as LEGO® enthusiasts worldwide who share in the excitement of building this unique set. Let's make this dream a brick-by-brick reality together!

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