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How To

This page describes how to do various steps of purchase, download, PDF and XML file use and parts ordering for any of the instruction sets on this site.


How To Purchase

When viewing any particular model or full collections, just use the Buy Now button to add it to your basket and then you can head towards checkout and use either your debit/credit card or PayPal to make a payment.

How To Download

When you have completed your payment you will be provided with a download link on the Thank You page and in an email which will be sent to you automatically.  The download will contain one or more instruction PDF files and one or more XML parts list files.


How To Use The Instructions PDF

The instructions can be loaded up in most browsers or any default PDF reading application.

In them, you will find step by step instructions to build the models.

At the back of each of the instructions you will find a full visual parts list to either search your own existing parts or manually create 'wanted lists' on sites such as Bricklink™, Brickowl™ or Pick a Brick™.

How To Use The Parts XML File

The XML parts list file can be uploaded to sites such as Bricklink™ or Brickowl™ to automatically create 'wanted lists'.  This allows for easy ordering of parts.  You will receive instructions for this in your download and there are also instructions on those sites for more detail on this method.

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