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Mini 10305 Lion Knights Castle_3.png

High Quality PDF

Each set of PDF instructions take you step by step through building the models, just like original Lego® instructions.

They also contain a full visual parts list at the end.

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XML and Visual Parts Lists

As well as the visual parts list in the PDF, you are also supplied with a XML parts file to use on sites such as Bricklink™ or Brickowl™.

This allows you to quickly order the parts for each model.

Great Support for Fixes

Found an error in the instructions or believe a step or design could be improved - just get in touch and we'll take a look.

Continuous New Designs

I'm continually adding new designs and new full collections.

Keep an eye on my social media channels!


Amazing models such as Mini Rivendell, Mini Harry Potter, Mini Ideas, Mini Marvel, Mini Winter, Mini Ninjago and more - view in the shop!

Create models like this from the easy instructions and parts lists.  They make fantastic desktop sets.


I've seen the micro-scale A-Frame Cabin and I love it! You did a great job!

Andrea Lattanzio, Fan Designer of the Official Lego® 21338 A-Frame Cabin

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